Mission Statement

We have a clear vision, a clear target market (that includes blue ocean opportunity to grow the sector), and a clear value proposition, i.e., “to inspire the musicians of today and tomorrow” with historically accurate and affordable stringless controllers/synthesizers in combination with better learning and performance opportunities through games and mobile apps.

  1. To offer positive musical experiences for artists and non-artists alike, and to naturally inspire others to play or replay an orchestral instrument or develop the standing capabilities of today’s musicians.
  2. To advance and accelerate the art of violin (“the dream”) through stringless technology and the combination of mental practice and virtual play (instruction), or through integrated training apps on electronic platforms.
  3. To produce stringless electroacoustic bowed musical instruments for kids, alternative artists, DJs, musicians, and composers, and to help make high-ceiling repertory more accessible to existing string players by removing the action requirements of strings, i.e., by replacing strings with bowing platforms and novel methods of distance measurements along an open fingerboard (performance).
  4. To help establish a preferably complementary electronic orchestra scored with standardized electronic musical instruments for the creation and delivery of tomorrow’s modern art.
  5. To encourage play, experimentation, and positive development through toy products.
  6. To provide a NON-COMPETITIVE stage for sharing musical ideas.
  7. To startup a successful brand capable of introducing and sustaining stringless concepts, refining technologies, instilling musical culture and a new paradigm for music, inspiring musical job creation, and creating new service paths over time.
  8. To celebrate the love, joy, passion, and emotion of music above all else.

In terms of business:

  1. Understand and reduce risks.
  2. Create a “product-logic” organizational structure or enterprise.
  3. Forge new partnerships where professional development takes place on both sides.
  4. Build trust and increase value for future support as we have strong core values!
  5. Diffuse modern science and strengthen a culture of innovation able to complement tradition.

* See LEGO citation on Home page.